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Work at Pelagicore!

If you want to shape tomorrow’s infotainment systems and work with the best, you have come to the right place. If you also believe that the world needs to use open source the way it was intended and discover the endless possibilities it brings, you just got our attention. If you are also ready to push boundaries, experiment and aren’t afraid of doing it for some of the most prestigious car brands in the world – then we’re interested!

Pelagicore is committed to hiring and developing top talent for any given discipline. Our teams work using Agile methods that entail high inter-disciplinary collaboration, a flat organization and technical contribution at all levels. You will be expected to challenge and be challenged, to create and to innovate. These jobs are not for everyone. But if you have genuine passion to develop stunning user experiences for next generation cars – this is the place for you.

Meet the team!

Our workplace

We believe in creating a workplace that is a source of motivation and inspiration. We are located in central locations in Gothenburg and Munich. We believe in ensuring that you get an environment and benefits that enable you to focus on what you do best: create great software!

What we offer you

Ultimately, we offer you an opportunity to change the way that consumers experience their next car - not bad for a days work. In the meantime you'll get the best colleagues, development opportunities and an opportunity to see the world if you want to.

  • Flat organization

    We have a flat structure (I wouldn't even dare to call it hierarchy) - Management is there to enable you to focus on what you do best.

  • IT Policy

    Or better yet, the lack thereof. We recognise that your gear is your tool to create great software. You know what's best for you - so you choose your own gear.

  • Work with Open Source and give back!

    At Pelagicore we believe that if we leverage open source the way it was intended, it will be good for the industry, our customers and in the end ... us.

  • Premium customers - premium hardware

    Challenges come in many forms; getting the most out of optimised embedded hardware for example. But our customers want truly stunning user experiences and they invest in powerful hardware that you will work with - such as the NVIDIA Tegra K1.