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Thomas Senyk

Senior Software Engineer – UX Professional Services

I'm a platform engineer working with embedded chips from ARM to SH4, from RaspberryPi to NVIDIA X1. I very much like OpenEmbedded/Yocto - it feels like the embedded world come finally to its senses (at least most of it). My primary interest within embedded is OpenGL and related graphics topics (e.g. zero-copy video-playback). Besides that I'm working with Qt since my studies (>10 years now) and know QPA and QtWayland quite good. I have written the i.MX6 zero-copy video-playback-plugin for QtMultimedia and worked with Freescale to get QtCompositor running on i.MX6. I've had a couple of talks at Qt DevDays - you can find the Youtube videos online. I also made some "tec"-videos (e.g.: tutorial about the old Qt3D 1.0, showcasing zero-copy video-playback on i.MX6, showcasing our demos and partner technology).

Please contact me if you have any questions about working at Pelagicore!