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Jonatan Pålsson

Senior Software Engineer – Research & Development

I'm either working on internal projects, where we do really cool Linux distributions, or we're developing (also really cool) in-house software. Much of the software we develop is put on GitHub, which fits me well in my ideologies and preferences.

The software I develop is most often written in either C, C++ or Python. I'm often using one of the larger libraries, such as Glib (or Glibmm!) or Qt. The software is most often intended to run on some embedded system (of which we have access to a few cool ones!).

I'm also involved in GENIVI, which is a consortium of car manufacturers and suppliers, trying to specify a common base platform for automotive infotainment systems. My role in GENIVI is as a member of the connectivity, media and graphics expert group, where topics such as media playback and handset connectivity are discussed.

Please contact me if you have any questions about working at Pelagicore!